The 2018 State of Kotlin survey
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This is a survey aimed at understanding how developers like yourself use Kotlin, how you're adopting it, and where the ecosystem is going.

By completing the survey you also have a chance to win a trip to KotlinConf, in October 2018 in Amsterdam.
This includes a conference ticket, flights, and hotel for the duration of the conference. Terms and Conditions apply:

The survey is not affiliated with JetBrains and KotlinConf
Have you ever used Kotlin? *

This can be either now, or in the past. Select the first one that applies to you.

What kind of projects have you used Kotlin in? *

What kind of projects have you used Kotlin for at work? *

What percentage of your main work project is currently written in Kotlin *

Pick the most recent/significant project, and give an estimate

What have you used Kotlin for in your personal or side project(s)? *

What percentage of your personal or project is currently written in Kotlin *

Pick the most recent/significant project, and give an estimate

Do you work with any other programming languages? If so, which ones?

List the ones you work with the most
Have you ever migrated code from Java to Kotlin? *

Either entire projects, or just parts.
How have you done the migration? *

Have you ever had to revert any of the migration? *

Did you have to go back to Java from Kotlin?
Can you please elaborate? *

Did you find something incompatible, lacking, or just not working? What was it?
Learning Kotlin

The following few questions are about your experience learning the language and its intricacies
When have you first started working with Kotlin? *

What convinced you to try it out?

What resources did you use to learn Kotlin? *

If you have any specific resources or pieces of content you'd like to share, list them here

This can be anything - courses, blogposts or talks. Example: Jake Wharton's talk on Kotlin from Droidcon London 2015.
What kind of development background have you come from when learning Kotlin, if any? *

Kotlin language and ecosystem

These questions cover the language features and tooling.
What are your favourite features of Kotlin? *

Pick 3

Have you used Extension Functions? *

How much do you use them in your development?
For what kind of use-cases? *

Have you used Coroutines? *

How much have you use Coroutines in your development? To what extent, and for what kind of use-cases? *

Which cross-platform (non-JVM) features of Kotlin have you used, if any? *

What build tools have you used with Kotlin projects? *

This includes all the build tools, including command line compilers, IDEs, as well as build scripting tools.

Have you used any Domain Specific Languages (DSLs)? *

Have you developed a DSL in Kotlin yourself? *

Can you elaborate? What kind of DSL was it and what kind of use-case does it cover? *

What do you think of libraries and tools for Kotlin all replacing Cs with Ks? (Injekt, Kategory, etc...) *

The Kotlin Zeitgeist

What do you like the most about Kotlin?

Are you missing any features in the language or the Kotlin ecosystem in general?

What are they?

Are there any features of Kotlin that you dislike?

What are they?

About you and your organisation

These will help us with classification.
Completely anonymous.
Where are you based?

What's your current work status? *

How many years have you been working as a Software Engineer or Developer?

This is about your entire career, not just Kotlin experience.

How many people are there in your organisation? *

How many people in your organisation write Kotlin? *

What sector or industry do you work in? *

Do you have any comments regarding this survey?
Is there anything else you'd like to see asked in the future?
Is there something else you'd like to share?

Thank you. You're awesome.

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